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There is a transcendent awareness, a Big Mind, A Big Heart, present and readily accessible to each and every one of us...

—Zen Master Genpo Roshi
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Retreat Center Mission

Exploring Sacred Intimacy

A Second Level Workshop

We are inviting conscious men who have already been initiated into Sacred Touch through Authentic Eros, Body Electric and/or Men In Touch to meet for an intentional process of nourishing and instructive “intimacy labs.”
[If you have other comparable experience, please contact the facilitators prior to registering.]

  • Open to single men and couples.
  • All exercises will be with random partners to deepen the learning about being authentic with ourselves and each other man.

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Most of us feel a deep longing for intimate connection with others. Yet many do not have a clear idea what exactly we want, or how to ask for it. What are the deepest desires of your heart and soul?

What does “sacred” mean to you?

What does “intimacy” mean to you?

What does “sacred intimacy” mean to you?

Is the idea of combining Sacred and Intimacy new to you, or something you’ve been exploring for lifetimes?

Consider coming together with a small group of experienced, conscious men* to:

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  • explore our deepest desires,
  • learn how to be in-the-moment with ourselves and others,
  • communicate what we truly do and do not want in each moment,
  • experiment with how to embody the sacred and the intimate,
  • breathe…with ourselves and with others… “conspiring,”
  • move freely and be in stillness,
  • speak, vocalize, and be in silence,
  • reflect on what we truly want, in this moment, with this person,
  • ask for the contact** we want,
  • respond to others’ requests for contact,
  • honor our own and others’ boundaries,
  • share minds and hearts, our bodies and souls.
Experienced, conscious men have participated in Authentic Eros, Body Electric and/or Men In Touch workshops, or have contacted the facilitators in advance of the workshop to discuss similar experience.
“Contact” may or may not involve respectfully exchanging touching, holding, speaking/listening, and gazing. Touch may be clothed or nude, and include genitals or not, as each man wishes.

Your Guides:

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Ziji has been a yoga practitioner and meditator in the tradition of Tantric Buddhism for nine years, including two years of residency in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. He has facilitated numerous retreats with Men In Touch and has a private massage practice at

Sequoia co-founded Men In Touch in 1987 to help create a world where men can openly love one another fully: in body, heart and soul. He has studied and practiced yoga, meditation and Tantra for decades with Baba Muktananda, Rudy Ballentine and with many skilled teachers in Body Electric. He wrote, “I view life as a school for love. My intention is to live in the heart of union in the eternal oneness of now. For over 30 years I’ve been sharing with others the practices I find most helpful to get out of the busy mind, and connect with the heart, breath and body, where unity and love live.”  Learn more here.


MIT Workshop:  Sunday, March 19 through Tuesday, March 21, 2017  The workshop begins at dinner on Sunday and ends just after lunch on Tuesday. 

Extended session:  Tuesday, March 21 - through Wednesday, March 22, 2017.  An additional full day and night for those wishing to explore more deeply. Ends Wednesday at 3pm.  

WHERE?  -  Saratoga Springs Retreat Center  10243 Saratoga Springs Rd, Upper Lake, CA 95485


Regular Workshop:  $425 includes 6 meals, 2 nights lodging, and all taxes and fees.

Extended Workshop: $195 includes 3 additional meals, 1 additional nights lodging, all all taxes and fees.

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center  Amenities include: delicious meals using fresh and organic ingredients, large swimming pool, 16 person hot tub, 260 acres of hiking trails, rustic cabins, 19th century lodge, very easy access and secure parking.

Registration & Information

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Registration Fee (includes all meals and accommodations) 

Exploring Sacred Intimacy Workshop $425       

+ extended full day   $620

Please list any questions, comments or special needs you have such as vegetarian, allergies, special needs, etc. etc.

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