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Retreat Center Mission

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center has a long history supporting and serving the GLBTQ community.  From its inception, in its current modern form, in 1993, the center's mission has been to provide a safe and welcoming place for members of the GLBTQ community to gather, learn and flourish. 

Saratoga Springs has deep roots in the GLBTQ community from it's founder to the current owners and operators of the facility.  Current owners include organizers and activists from the Gay community of California. 

Our customers represent a broad cross section of the GLBTQ family.  Many groups have been coming to Saratoga Springs for more than 15 years.  We welcome all members of our community to enjoy the features and facilities at Saratoga Springs.

Our facilities support each group in creating the best possible retreat experience. We offer competitive rates for accommodations and facilities. Our staff is quietly attentive to your group's needs. In addition we offer marketing support and registration services to retreat leaders, facilitators and teachers.

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